Visa and Mastercard may be blocked in Russia

During a meeting with journalists, the press secretaryPresident Dmitry Peskov was asked to comment on the statement by Russian Foreign Minister Lavrov on Russia's plans to abandon the use of foreign payment systems.

Commenting on the saying of the chapterForeign Ministry Peskov noted that the administration of the President of the Russian Federation does not exclude the introduction of sanctions, which will lead to blocking the work of Visa and Mastercard in Russia.

To date, according to Peskov's statement,many countries have already imposed certain restrictions on Russia. According to Putin's press secretary, such measures of restraining the Russian Federation do not always comply with international law. The unpredictability of the actions of Western partners, their unfriendly policy, according to the official, does not exclude the possible disconnection of Russia from Visa and Mastercard.

An alternative to such actions of Western countries,“Hedging financial risks,” according to Peskov, can be the strengthening of Russia's sovereignty in all sectors of the economy and finance. One of the elements of such opposition, he named the successfully developing payment system "Mir", which "has become stronger, but so far has no international circulation." Recall that Mir was created in 2014, when some Russian banks came under US sanctions and Visa and MasterCard payment systems refused to service cards issued by these financial institutions.

Source: lenta