Virus DrainerBot "devours" energy and traffic

Computer viruses every year are becomingmore sophisticated and unusual. Recently, cyber security experts discovered unique viruses that over the years can “hide” in devices whose owners are not even aware of the infection.

Hacker program DrainerBot received a widespread almost worldwide. In the hundreds of applications running under Android, malicious code is embedded, forcing the device to be redirected through advertising links to view spam commercials.

The user can not even think that hisThe device is infected, since advertising is not broadcast on the screen. Such an approach can bring high income to DrainerBot authors, overstating ad viewing statistics.

According to Moat, a subsidiaryfrom Oracle, the virus got accustomed in applications such as Solitaire: 4 Seasons (Full), VertexClub, Perfect365, Touch ‘n’ Beat - Cinema and Draw Clash of Clans. Experts believe that many more popular programs are also already infected with a virus.

To determine the presence of a virus can onlyFocusing on indirect signs - overheating of the device, fast discharge of the battery, unreasonably high consumption of traffic. According to experts, the virus "devours" up to 10 GB of traffic per month. Also, a device under the influence of a virus can often unexpectedly reboot.

However, this troubles are not over. It turned out that some manufacturers embedded the virus at the production stage into the firmware of budget smartphones.