Virtual suit on pajamas: in Japan they came up with a technology that will dress you up for online negotiations

What if it's remote again?There is a bucket of KFC legs on the floor, the last socks in the washing machine along with other things that were too lazy to wash, all the clothes are rumpled, there is a nest on the head, but do you still need to contact the authorities using Zoom or Skype?

Japanese developers are well awarewhat state can a person who constantly sits within four walls and decides to make life easier for such workers with the help of a new deepfake application.

EmbodyMe is responsible for the development, it was she who created an application that, using algorithms, will dress you in a virtual suit instead of pajamas and do hair styling.

AI from EmbodyMe takes several of your photos and then generates a new 3D model, completing the missing objects in the frame.

Then, when you start Zoom or Skype, the program synchronizes the video broadcast and pre-prepared photos. And this is all done in real time.

Conveniently? Conveniently. The main thing is not to get used to the good, alas, for real life, the dressing program on the fly has not yet been invented.