Virtual reality will help transfer real objects to the digital world (video)

Using Augmented Reality Technologyreceived practical application, capable of revolutionizing the work of computer designers and developers of various applications. Using the capabilities of augmented reality, users can literally integrate real objects into the digital world.

French designer Cyril Dianier introducedthe prototype of the AR Cut & Paste application that allows you to photograph individual objects without a background using a smartphone’s camera and transfer them without using e-mail to a computer directly to an area open in Photoshop.

Work on the application is just beginning and createdthe initial prototype of AR Cut & Paste, however, several developers have already become interested in the open source program hosted on GitHub and have begun real work on creating a practical application.
Augmented Reality May Be Perfecta tool for quickly capturing visual elements from the real world and inserting them into digital documents. In this case, the opportunity is used to project real objects into digital space, and not vice versa, as it was earlier when using AR technology.

In the demo video that Dianeintroduced on Twitter showing AR Cut & Paste features. One part of a machine intelligence-based program “cuts out” a selected object from the main background. Then the second component of the application determines the area on the computer where the smartphone is directed. The time to copy an object is 2.5 seconds, and transferring the image to a computer is about 4 seconds. Everyone who wants to use Dianye's developments will be able to get acquainted with the open source codes on GitHub

Source: TheVerge