Virtual reality will help fight insomnia (2 pics + video)

Using virtual reality becomeshabitual in many branches of human life. It will help new technology and combat problems with sleep, which are increasingly concerned about modern man.

Developers from Royal UniversityThe Melbourne Institute of Technology (RMIT) offers an Inter-Dream device that integrates ambient music and kaleidoscopic visual effects that are controlled by patient brain waves through electroencephalography (EEG).

Inter-Dream colors are consistent withdifferent brain waves and may vary depending on brain activity. As a result, color patterns are generated, which are constantly changing in shape and color. Depending on the activity of the brain, the color brightness of the image also changes, which will help to calm the person and help him fall asleep. The device uses the principle of neurobiology, which will help the patient to regulate their psychological state.

Inter-Dream testing showed that 21%patients working with the device reduced the level of negative emotions, in 55% the level of fear decreased. At the same time, 8% began to experience great positive emotions, while 13% had a feeling of serenity. Such factors can ensure a successful fight against insomnia.

The project is at the testing stage, but at the early stage the possibility of using virtual reality to ensure a peaceful and effective sleep was proved.