Virtual journey from Google through the caves of primitive people (video)

Virtual travels to museums and historicalplaces with the Google Arts and Culture app have been available since 2011. Using the platform allows you to remotely visit up to 1200 museums and historical sites around the world without leaving your home. Google experts are constantly expanding the routes of virtual tours. In the latest update, users are given the opportunity to look into the past and study the cave paintings made on the walls of caves by primitive people.

Currently, many such facilities are wellstudied and available for visits. However, some objects are located in hard-to-reach places, and some, such as the Chauvet cave in France, are completely closed to the public to protect the cave paintings. Therefore, the new Google project is designed to facilitate the study of cave paintings using the latest virtual reality technologies.

After downloading the application on Google Play or the App Store,the user will be able to get acquainted with three-dimensional models of drawings on the walls of caves. So in the Chauvet Cave, which is closed to visitors, 12 sections of walls with drawings made by prehistoric artists are available for virtual viewing with the help of augmented reality.

Source: Phonearena