Virtual diagnosis of skin cancer? Now it is possible

Early diagnosis of cancer - the main conditionsuccessful fight against this insidious disease. And scientists all over the world are constantly improving the methods of diagnosing cancer and carrying out the operation itself, and then rehabilitating the patient in order to make these processes as gentle as possible.

The next step in this direction is maderesearchers from Rutgers University (USA). They developed a VOCT device for virtual skin cancer biopsy. The examination procedure is safe and easy for the patient: without contact with the patient's skin, the device can determine the area of ​​the tumor and the depth of the lesion in 15 minutes.

When a biopsy is performed surgically,Doctors do not know how affected the body is with cancer, and often the extent of tumor development becomes obvious already during the operation. The new method development will help to make the examination procedure safe and easy for the patient, and the subsequent operations - as accurate as possible.

Full clinical picture of diagnosis usingThe virtual biopsy method allows faster and more accurate surgery, because this method using a laser diode creates a three-dimensional picture of the depth and width of the skin, and using sound waves, the density and rigidity of the lesion are detected (to determine whether a benign or malignant tumor).

All fears and pains that a patient goes throughin case of complex surgical biopsies, besides also expensive ones, the patient undergoing the virtual biopsy procedure will not be touched at all. No discomfort, even the light and sound will not annoy him.
VOCT still needs to be approved by the US FDA regulator, and the developers are trying to give the device even more refined characteristics to determine the boundaries of skin cancer.

Source: rutgers