Virgin Galactic launches virtual tours of the tourist spaceship (4 photos + video)

Attracting privatecapital, not only accelerated and increased the efficiency of the development of astronautics, but also significantly expanded the range of services offered in this sector. The undoubted leader in the space tourism industry today is Virgin Galactic, founded by billionaire Richard Branson. Recently, the company began virtual tours (the COVID-19 pandemic continues) around the cabin of the VSS Unity tourist spacecraft, demonstrating its interior and design features.

For six passengers in the cabin there areindividual seats, three from each side of the spaceplane. The structure of the seats is made of aluminum and carbon fiber. The seats are rigidly fixed and designed for the particular space traveler thanks to the seats that are tailored to the specific anatomical characteristics of the passenger. The frame of the seats has four standard sizes, and the soft part, created for a specific user, ensures maximum comfort during the flight. There is a slot in the headrest of the seats to accommodate the long hair of passengers during the flight.

Between the rows of seats in the spacecraft remainswide, long and deepened passage. On the back wall of the cabin is a huge silver mirror, according to the developers, the largest mirror ever launched into space. The main task of the mirror is to provide tourists with the opportunity to observe themselves in conditions of low gravity and a few minutes of weightlessness.

However, the main task of tourists isobservation of the Earth from suborbital altitude (up to 80 km). For this, the ship's hull is provided with two windows for each passenger. One is located directly to the side of the chair, and the other is directly above the head of the space traveler. After reaching the maximum flight altitude and the onset of zero gravity, passengers will be able to move to the skylights using the handrails on the walls of the ship.

The framing of the windows is also illuminated inDepending on the flight mode, it becomes white when climbing, orange when the rocket engines are started. When reaching suborbital altitude, the light framing of the windows is turned off. A tiny screen on the back of the seats also shows each stage of the journey.

The safety of tourists is ensuredfive-point belts, consisting of five stripes, converging to a central round buckle placed on the chest. After turning the buckle, the belts are automatically retracted inside the seats using a special mechanism. As a result, being in zero gravity, travelers do not risk getting entangled in floating seat belts.

The cabin of the tourist ship is also equipped with 16cameras that constantly record the entire journey from different angles. Some cameras capture views from the windows, while others capture passengers "floating" in zero gravity. Upon arrival on Earth, all footage will be handed over to tourists.

Source: theverge