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Viking grave found in Norway puzzles scientists

One of the most interesting peoples of antiquity,certainly, Vikings are seafarers who lived on the territory of modern Denmark, Norway and Sweden. Much is known about their lives, but their ritual burials still perplex historians from around the world. It is known that strong warriors who died in battles were buried inside funeral boats along with weapons, jewelry and animals. Also, archaeologists managed to find the mysterious "houses of the dead", which also could serve as a grave for dead people. The exact purpose of these buildings is still unknown to scientists, and recently there have been even more questions about Viking funeral rituals. The fact is that archaeologists from the Norwegian University of Science and Technology recently unearthed a grave, which consisted of two funeral boats, in which lay the bodies of men and women from different centuries. Why could they be buried together?

Shot from the TV series “Vikings”

According to ScienceAlert, the mysterious gravewas discovered in the village of Viniera, located in Central Norway. In it were found the remains of a boat with a length of 7 to 8 meters, which was embedded in a larger swimming facility with a length of up to 10 meters. In a small boat, a woman who died in the second half of the 9th century was buried in jewelry decorated with jewelry, and with it were laid craft tools and a cow's head. An 8th-century man was buried in a large boat, and next to him were a shield, a sword, and a spear.

“I heard about several Viking graves with two boats, but I never heard of a boat that was buried inside another boat,” said archaeologist Raymond Sauvage.

Mysterious Viking Grave

An unusual viking burial site was found inHighway improvement work time. It was in extremely poor condition, because the wooden boats had practically decayed and all that was left of them were the iron nails used in their construction. In principle, the scientists were able to recognize the presence of two boats only due to the location of the surviving materials.

Found brooch in the shape of a cross

Archaeologists have also speculated aboutfamily relationship between a man and a woman. Perhaps they were buried together to leave the family right to own a certain piece of land. At the time of the Vikings, no written documents were out of the question, so they had to look for different ways to prove that the family had owned the land for five or more generations.

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Archaeologists are currently trying to study DNAburied viking. Thanks to the analysis, they will be able to determine their activities, diet and even recreate their portrait. This is really possible, because most recently, researchers from the University of Dundee in Scotland were able to recreate the appearance of a Viking woman who died 1000 years ago.