# video | Why is a robot with flexible legs better than Boston Dynamics robots?

Over the years, we tirelesslyThey told you about robots from the American company Boston Dynamics and recently, special attention has been paid to the four-legged model called SpotMini. She is really interesting, because the presence of four legs gives her strength, even enough to tow a multi-ton truck. It is also worth noting that she has a mechanical arm that can open doors and lift various loads. There is no doubt about the coolness of the SpotMini robot, but it has a four-legged competitor called ALPHRED2. There is a suspicion that he is better than our favorite.

ALPHRED2 robot walks on two legs

Four-legged robot ALPHRED2 developed by the teamengineers called RoMeLa, which in its history managed to collaborate even with the major aviation companies Boeing and Lockheed Martin. Outwardly, it is unremarkable and has a “bare” body typical of most robots, looking at which you can see electric motors and other components of the robot. The differences from the rest of the robots are in the legs design - while at the same SpotMini they bend only in one direction, at ALPHRED2 they move in both directions, which provides greater mobility and opens up new possibilities.

Boston Dynamics SpotMini Robot

Four-legged robot construction

Four identical robot legs are fixed onvertical motorized hinges. Each of them consists of three sections, which also distinguishes it from the rest of the brothers, whose limbs consist of only two parts. At the end of each leg there are additional smaller sections, thanks to which the robot can hold objects and maintain balance when it stands on two legs.

ALPHRED2 Robot May Be Your Personal Loader

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Yes, unlike SpotMini, the ALPHRED2 robot canstand on two legs and drag objects. Moreover, if necessary, he can maintain balance on three legs and hit hard with the freed limb. It is worth recognizing that this robot can hit very hard - in the second minute of the video you can see how it knocks out a fixed wooden board. This ability is clearly not enough for SpotMini from Boston Dynamics, because in the future it will be used not only in construction and rescue operations, but also participate in battles.

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What is a robot for?

According to the developers, the speed of movementALPHRED2 robot on a flat surface is one and a half meters per second. In addition to ordinary walking, he is able to jump very high and roller skate. You can verify this by watching the video below - the developers fixed tiny wheels on its body so that the robot moves by pushing its feet off the floor. Isn't that cool? Let's discuss it in our Telegram chat.

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As you can see, the ALPHRED2 robot has at leastmore than enough. However, unfortunately, this robot is unlikely to go on sale and will be used by someone in the near future. Most likely, the researchers will continue to improve their brainchild, because he has a lot of prospects. As an option, it can be useful in construction and even serve as staff in cafes and restaurants.

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