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# video | Why do turkeys dance around dead animals?

In 2017, a video appeared on the network in whichA flock of turkeys on the street leads a round dance around the corpse of an unfortunate cat. Two years later, the video again became incredibly popular and it’s not difficult to understand why - the round dance looks as sinister as possible, and the turkeys are called death birds. However, it is not worth worrying about the fact that the birds conduct peculiar rituals that resemble black mass. According to Mark Hatfield of the National Wildlife Federation of Turkey on his blog, this terrible behavior has nothing to do with witchcraft. But for what reasons do birds behave so strangely?

What makes turkeys spend hours dancing around dead animals?

Is it true that turkeys are very stupid birds?

According to Hatfield, "turkeys are very simple birds." They probably keep their distance from the corpse when deciding whether a dead cat poses a threat to them or not. Hatfield's colleague Tom Hughes in an interview with National Geographic suggested that the cat’s behavior, even dead and motionless, might have seemed strange to the birds and prompted an investigation. The circular nature of their dance is simply the result of their desire to stay safe closer to each other. In other words, what seems like sinister behavior is really just a flock of birds that cannot decide whether to be afraid of a dead cat.

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However, there are other assumptions. Perhaps, in the process of studying or trying to intimidate a dead cat, the turkeys simply forgot what they were doing, and therefore continued to follow each other. But are these birds really so stupid? Not really. The idea that these birds are so foolish that they drown in the rain is easy to refute. At least some turkey owners swear that they managed to train their herds and now they anticipate feeding times. No one is going to train turkeys to solve puzzles or participate in games, however, these birds can probably easily cope with such tasks. So the fact that turkeys spend hours dancing around dead animals does not mean that we should not take them seriously.

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Turkeys can be really creepy

Because wild turkeys are pretty muchdepend on the established order in the pack, any animal frightened by them may be subjected to bullying. And we are not an exception. So, people who interact with wild turkeys may be in trouble. During the breeding season, males are known to become aggressive towards other animals (or reflective surfaces). So, if you are lucky enough to meet a wild turkey, it is better to dot all and, showing who is in charge. Experts advise making loud noises, but you can just wave the broom - this behavior will make birds afraid of people and will probably benefit everyone.

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