# video | Who is faster? An unmanned car or a professional race car driver?

On the pages of our portal we already wrote aboutRoborace company, which is one of the participants and organizers of competitions in which unmanned vehicles take part. But who better to show themselves on the track? Remotely driving a car racer or a professional pilot on the track? This is what we recently managed to find out in the framework of the race, in which a self-governing racing car and a professional racer met.

The race took place on one of the tracks of “Formula E”. This is a class of car races and specially built tracks for this, in which only electric cars are used. The race organizers held a competition between the DevBot drone and the driver of the Formula D racing drift competition, Ryan Taerk.

DevBot is a prototype of a racing electric car,having a battery pack, engine, electronics, as well as ordinary cars of the Formula E class, but, unlike its class mates, DevBot has a different body structure, repeating the outline of the cockpit for the pilot. This somewhat equalizes the chances in terms of aerodynamics, compared with the "traditional" cars. But, despite the mass of technical "bells and whistles", DevBot lost to the real pilot. The rider drove the allotted section of the track in 1 minute 51.8 seconds, but the drone already in 2 minutes 18.4 seconds. You can see how the race went in more detail on the video available below.

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