# video | What did tyrannosaurs look like if they really were covered in feathers?

Many people from childhood believe that practicallyall dinosaurs were covered with scales. This assumption is among the ten most common misconceptions about the ancient giants, because paleontologists have long found evidence that most of them were feathered creatures. If many species had plumage throughout life, then predatory tyrannosaurs - only after hatching, and then the feathers remained only in the neck area of ​​giants. Paleontologists from the American Museum of Natural History are confident that the children of tyrannosaurs were like chicks, and showed their vision on video.

It is believed that the plumage of small tyrannosaurshelped them warm up and disguise themselves from other predators who could easily eat them. As they grew, their skin grew thicker, and the warming and protecting feathers fell out due to uselessness. Indeed - thick skin, and so could keep warm, and on adult tyrannosaurs hardly anyone would dare to attack.

Look at the feathered tyrannosaurs can be onvideo below. Probably few more people have seen them in this guise, because in the minds of many people the vision of tyrannosaurs like huge creatures resembling two-legged lizards with sharp teeth has been fixed. A new video completely changes this view.

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Scientists believe that the closest modernRelatives of ancient tyrannosaurs are hens and ostriches. It's not for nothing that several years ago paleontologists tried to recreate the movements of dinosaurs, studying the gait of ordinary chickens. Even their appearance hints at their kinship: dinosaurs and chickens have an identical body structure, and some species even have a scallop on their heads.

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