# video | Waymo trained its unmanned vehicles to understand the gestures of traffic controllers.

Skeptics of self-driving car ideas oftenask how the drones will react to unexpected and unusual road situations. For example, how will an autonomous vehicle behave when traffic lights at intersections do not work, and instead traffic controllers will be engaged in traffic control? One of the reasons why autonomous transport may appear much later than its supporters would like it to teach ro-mobiles to respond to police officers.

One of the most difficult tasks is to program the autonomous vehicle so that it can understand the signals of the traffic controller and recognize the many small signals that limit movement.

Waymo claims its dronesalready capable of much of this. In 2016, the company told that its cars are capable of understanding the gestures of other road users, the same cyclists. The company used similar, but more sophisticated algorithms to learn how to understand the signals of regulators.

In order to make your carsSafer, the company works closely with the police and other city services of the American city of Chandler, where they are tested their UAVs. The result of cooperation are new skills of robots. The company recently published a video that shows how an unmanned vehicle obeys the signals of the traffic controller, first stopping at the intersection at the prohibitory signal, and then continuing to move after the corresponding enabling signal.

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In Waymo, they note that they have not trained their cars.only follow the signals of traffic controllers, but also obey the orders of the traffic police. For example, seeing behind him a police car with flashing lights, the autopilot Waymo is able to brake in a safe place. According to Chandler police, drones cope with this task faster than many drivers.

As noted by Bloomberg, in massivedistributing self-driving cars are interested in not only automakers, but also policemen. Both sides hope that this will significantly reduce the number of accidents, most of which are caused by people.

“People drivers are very unpredictable. It is difficult to predict their further actions in a given situation, ”Bloomber quoted the words of one of the police of the city of Chandler.

The police even hope that one day they will be able to use autonomous transport in the service.

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