# video | Volvo unmanned truck without the cab got its first job

Trucks with automatic systempiloting can work without a real person in the cabin, so the presence of the driver's cabin in them is almost meaningless. In this regard, in September 2018, a prototype of the Volvo Vera electric truck was presented in Sweden, which is a four-wheel platform to which any trailer can be attached. It seems that the preliminary tests of the truck have already passed, and now he has finally got his first real job.

To experience the Vera truck in real conditions,Volvo began cooperation with the shipping company DFDS, which is engaged in cargo transportation in the North and Baltic Seas. The electric truck will take on the transportation of huge containers from the logistics center of the Swiss city of Gothenburg to the nearest port terminal. The speed of its movement will not exceed 40 kilometers per hour.

Volvo Vera truck began shipping

The distance between the two points will be small,because Volvo Vera was originally positioned as a truck for transporting goods over short distances. It is assumed that in addition to logistics centers, it will be able to serve small ports and factories, where regular and frequent transportation works along the same routes are important.

Autonomous transport with low noise andzero exhaust emissions play an important role in the future of logistics and are beneficial to both business and society. “We see this cooperation as an important start, and we want to make progress in this area,” commented Michael Carlsson, vice president for autonomous solutions at Volvo Trucks, about the deal.

In the future, the fleet of Volvo trucks mayexpand, and each of them will be synchronized with the company's server wirelessly. Interconnection will allow them to optimize the traffic flow so that there is no stagnation in the work, and transportation is carried out on time. A similar system, by the way, will be introduced into Damon's new generation of motorcycles - they will be synchronized over the 5G network, and train each other to effectively avoid emergency situations.

The company's blog states that autonomoustruck operation will be controlled by a remote dispatcher, who is also responsible for the transportation of goods. Earlier it was reported that information about the battery charge and the technical condition of the trucks was also available to it, so their integrity also depends on its care.

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In the near future, the Volvo Vera truck is unlikelywill be released on public roads, but TuSimple trucks have already done this. In May 2019, the US Postal Service (USPS) selected it as a contractor for the autonomous transportation of parcels between the cities of Phoenix and Dallas - for two weeks the trucks must make five trips over a distance of more than 1600 kilometers. More information about this transaction can be read in our material.

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