# video | The world's first electric-powered aircraft crashed

Cars and planes are thrown annually intoair tons of greenhouse gases that accumulate in the atmosphere of our planet and are one of the main causes of global warming. Almost the whole world is trying to reduce the amount of emissions - basically, people want to gradually transfer to vehicles with electric motors, which practically do not harm the environment. Norway is particularly interested in switching to electric energy, which in 2017 became the leader in sales of electric vehicles, and by 2040 wants to popularize electric planes. Unfortunately, things are not going well with planes - recently, the Alpha Electro electric plane crashed.

Alpha Electro is the world's first aircraft withelectric motor, which is put into mass production. It was developed by the Slovenian company Pipistrel, which is owned by Norwegian airport operator Avinor. With a mass of about 500 kilograms, it accommodates two people, including the pilot. The airplane’s battery can be charged in an hour and this energy is enough for about 60 minutes of flight at an altitude of up to 400 meters at a speed of up to 160 kilometers per hour.

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Electric airplane crash

To find faults and constantly improveAvinor aircraft periodically provides passenger flights. Recently, the head of the company, Duck Falk-Petersen, took the pilot’s seat in order to independently transport one of the Norwegian officials from one place to another. Unfortunately, during a flight over the Norwegian city of Arendal, he had to make an emergency landing right in the lake. The blow turned out to be soft and no one was hurt, but the incident can greatly affect the development of electric aviation in Norway.

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Unfortunately, nobody managed to capture the moment of the crash. But there is a video where rescuers pull a plane out of the water.

The reason for the crash of the aircraft

The head of the company did not name the cause of the accident. According to him, he encountered some problems during piloting, called rescuers and began to look for a place to land. In the end, he decided to sink to the surface of the lake and, in principle, made the right decision. He admitted that this incident will complicate the work of the company, because it will have to conduct a series of additional security checks.

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This is rather annoying because all the previous onesAlpha Electro tests passed without any problems. For example, in July it was tested in Finland and demonstrated low noise and environmental friendliness. Now, due to a small accident, Norway may not have time to make the transition to electric aircraft by 2040. Or do you think you can? Write in the comments or in our Telegram chat.

But, after about ten years, we canSee the world's first racing electric airplane. Its development is carried out by the organization Air Race E (this is like Formula E, but in the field of air races) and the University of Nottingham. It is expected that he will be able to reach speeds of up to 320 kilometers per hour.