# video | The ship of the time of Christopher Columbus was found at the bottom of the Baltic Sea

Spanish navigator Christopher Columbus and hisassistants opened America in 1492, sailed to its shores on several ships under the leadership of the flagship "Santa Maria". Subsequently, this ship, like many other swimming equipment of the time, sank and was almost completely eaten by the so-called "shipworms." It seemed that the remains of the ships of the time of Columbus could not be found, but at the bottom of the Baltic Sea one of them was discovered. To the surprise of scientists, it is perfectly preserved.

The Baltic Sea washes several countries, includingSweden, Finland, Poland and Russia. In the entire history, a huge amount of floating facilities has sunk on its territory - for example, in 1564 the Swedish warship Mars was destroyed there. Also in the 20th century, the remains of the Swedish ship Vaza, which overturned in 1628 due to an incorrect design, were found at its bottom.


Signs that there are more in the Baltic SeaOne shipwreck was found in 2009. At that time, it was seen as a small dot on the screen of the so-called sonar, a large device for searching sunken ships using sound waves. It was not until 2019, during the Nord Stream 2 pipeline from Russia to Germany, to check whether this point is really a sunken ship.

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The sunken ship was filmed underwatera robot that explored the seabed through which the gas pipeline should be laid. The swimming tool turned out to be older than the aforementioned “Mars” and “Vaza” - the researchers believe that it sank during the time of Christopher Columbus, somewhere in the late 1490s. Despite its age, the ship was perfectly preserved, and in the video you can see its hull, mast, and even some parts of the rigging - the rope system used to control the sails.

Reconstruction of the ship "VAZ"

Ship secrets

Most likely, the ship survived thanks to the cold andLittle salty waters of the Baltic Sea. The fact is that the so-called “shipworms”, which destroy the wood of sunken ships, cannot live in cold conditions with low salinity. By the way, the aforementioned ship "Vaza" also survived well due to the properties of the Baltic Sea - in 1956 its board was found near Bekholmen Island in the center of Stockholm.

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What is the name of the found ship and to whom is itbelonged, at the moment no one knows. Some researchers believe that they are dealing with a Danish warship “Gribshunden” that sank in 1495. To be honest, this is believed very weakly - historical data says that the Danish ship sank because of a fire, and on the found ship there is no damage. Because of their absence, scientists cannot even guess what caused it to be flooded, but intend to find out in the course of further research.

In the meantime, research has not begun, found inThe Baltic Sea ship is called "Okänt Skepp". Literally, this Swedish phrase is translated, no matter how ridiculous it sounds, like “Unknown Ship”.

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