# video | The robot has learned to jump on the surface of the moon.

The first man’s step to the moon was taken in 1969year, in the framework of the American space mission "Apollo 11". Astronauts Neil Armstrong and Buzz Aldrin stayed on the lunar surface for 2 hours and 30 minutes, and most of this time they had to learn to walk. They realized that it was extremely difficult to walk on the Moon, and it was better for them to move by jumps - this way they were better balanced and quickly reached the desired point. This method of movement is best suited for space technology, so scientists from Switzerland created a jumping robot called SpaceBok.

Its appearance resembles robots.SpotMini from Boston Dynamics. He is also equipped with four legs, but uses them not for walking, but for jumping. According to the calculations of Swiss scientists, on the Moon, the robot will be able to jump up to a height of two meters, tearing all its four legs off the surface. During each such “flight” he will have time to set his legs so that after landing he will immediately push off again and move on.

Jumping robot

All movements will be as smooth as possible.that the limbs of the robot are equipped with special springs. They accumulate energy for each jump and soften the fall. The robot has already been tested inside a special room, where the lunar conditions with low gravity are recreated - it was able to jump to a 1.3-meter height.

To test how good the robot isfalls on four legs, the researchers laid him on his side and made him bounce off two walls. How it looked, you can see at 51 seconds of the video below. The robot coped with its task so well that scientists even played with the help of it in some kind of tennis.

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In the future, researchers want to testrobot in more real conditions. For example, they can drive it into a special landfill or even bring it into the desert, where it is full of stones and other irregularities. I wonder if he will stay on his feet, or will he turn over and break?

What kind of animal does a robot look like?

When creating a jumping robot, the Swissscientists were inspired by springbok species of antelope. They are not without reason called antelopes, jumpers - they move mainly with the help of jumps, lifting all four legs off the ground. They are able to jump to a height of 2-3 meters, and thus accelerate up to 90 kilometers per hour. Springboks are considered to be one of the fastest animals - only cheetahs can reach them, reaching speeds of up to 120 kilometers per hour.

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