# video | The robot can even be made from a shower hose, and it can crawl on the walls.

Recently, the technology sector has withdrawn.from creating familiar to all robots, similar to humans and animals. Now researchers are interested in flexible mechanisms that, thanks to their maneuverability, are able to penetrate into hard-to-reach places and crawl in places where ordinary robots would simply not fit together. Recently, employees at the University of Cambridge and their Japanese colleagues created the LEeCH robot, which, although made from ordinary shower hose, demonstrates an amazing ability to crawl along vertical walls.

According to the developers, this is the first flexible robot,able to move freely on the surface of the walls with the help of suckers. They were inspired by worms, octopuses, leeches and, no matter how strange it may sound, a shower hose. A team report led by Tomoaki Masimo says that animals inspired them to introduce suckers.

These organisms make full use of the full potential provided by their soft structures.

PhD Ayato Canada, in turn, shared that he was inspired to take the main part of the robot, which holds all its parts together, while taking a shower.

When I accidentally turned on the tap to the maximumpower, shower hose as if it had found its own life. The thought came to me that if I had learned to manipulate it, I could have created a robot with the dynamic movement of a living being.

In the end, everything turned out well - asseen in the video, the robot is able to move easily along the walls. In the future, it can be used in the repair of buildings, technical inspection of complex mechanisms and in search and rescue operations. In the near future, developers want to increase the maneuverability of the robot, because at the moment it still has restrictions in movement. It is also important for them to increase its stability in the form stretched to the maximum.

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Many are already waiting for the day when robots arethey will indeed become assistants to people, and they will begin to do the work of nannies, carers and other attendants. On this subject, we have excellent material that you can read right now.

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