# video | The nozzle of the new Omega rocket for the US Air Force exploded during testing

During the course of May 30 in Utah (USA)The first static fire tests of the new OmegA launch vehicle, developed by Northrop Grumman, an incident occurred. At first, as it was planned, the engines of the first stage of the newest carrier rocket worked for 122 seconds, however, closer to the end of the test, an explosion occurred in a part of the rocket nozzle, which led to a scatter of fragments around the district. Fortunately, no one was hurt during this event.

Despite this incident, the rocket development company calls these tests successful.

Watch the video with the test below. Moment with the explosion of the rocket nozzle - starting at 3:40.

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"What we saw today was successfulthe dough. It seems that everything worked very, very well, ”said Vice Rominger, the OmegA project manager at Northrop Grumman, during a teleconference with journalists after tests.

According to him, the rocket engine workednormal and generated prescribed 2 million pounds of maximum thrust. He also noted that it is too early to say what exactly caused the problem with the nozzle, the specialists of the company will study this issue.

"The development of the OmegA launch vehicle ispriority, and we intend to provide the United States Air Force a guaranteed opportunity to take into space the most important payloads. We promised to test the first stage in the spring of 2019 and fulfilled the promise, ”said Scott Ler, Vice President and General Manager of the corporation.

Last October between the USAF and NorthropGrumman signed a contract worth $ 792 million, under which the company must complete the development of the OmegA rocket. In the autumn of this year, Northrop Grumman plans to conduct similar tests of the second stage of OmegA.

In the future, the developed three-stagethe launch vehicle will be used for launching military and commercial satellites into Earth orbit. The start of its operation is scheduled for 2022, and the first space launch test - on the 2021st.

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