# video | The company Boston Dynamics officially introduced the robot Handle

At the very beginning of February we already told you aboutvideo leak with a closed presentation, which was held at the office of the company Boston Dynamics. The recording of poor quality was made on a smartphone by one of the employees, and for the first time we could see on these frames an unusual two-legged robot, among other things, equipped with wheels. The developers called it Handle, and now the time came when a full video from that very presentation was published on the company's official YouTube channel.

Handle is unusual in that it is different from everything.what the engineers at Boston Dynamics had done before. Previously, the emphasis was placed on robots moving with the help of traditional limbs, but now two wheels have come to the aid of the legs. The height of the robot is 1.2 meters, weight - 45 kilograms, and the maximum speed of movement reaches 14.5 kilometers per hour. On one battery charge, Handle is able to cover a distance of 24 kilometers, and neither curbs, nor stairs, nor even snow or ice on the way are terrible to him. The robot can overcome such obstacles in the video below.

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