# video | Testing of the Poseidon marine drone with a nuclear power plant

In March 2018, Russian President Vladimir Putinrevealed details about the new types of Russian weapons. In particular, he mentioned the development of underwater UAVs capable of traveling intercontinental distances faster than all known submarines and torpedoes today. The device called "Poseidon" has already been tested - it is reported that in the process no problems were identified, and the personnel was successfully trained. A short test video has already been published on the Internet.

The video shows the preparation process and the launch itself. It is known that the submersible "Poseidon" has great combat power - it can be equipped with both conventional and nuclear ammunition. Its maximum travel speed is estimated at 200 kilometers per hour, and the power of a nuclear projectile can reach an impressive two megatons. The range of navigation of new devices can be almost unlimited.

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In a message to the Federal Assembly, the Presidentannounced that the first nuclear submarine with "Poseidon" will be launched into the spring of 2019. It is expected that the Russian Navy will acquire 32 unmanned aerial vehicles, which will be deployed on four submarines. One of them is likely to be the Khabarovsk special purpose submarine. Other carriers will be naval cruisers of the 949A series available in the Navy.

It is noteworthy that the name "Poseidon" wasselected during a competition organized by the Ministry of Defense. In the finals, in addition to the winner, the variants “Ide” and “Kraken” were also listed, but they turned out to be less suitable.

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