# video | Test flight of the amphibian P2 Xcursion was successful

Different countries of the world are developing electricalamphibian aircraft capable of taking off and landing on the water surface. It is believed that they are extremely useful in extinguishing forest fires, evacuating the crew of ships and other rescue operations, because they can sit almost anywhere. Recently, Equator Aircraft tested its P2 Xcursion amphibious aircraft over the Eggemoen technology park in Norway, and they were very successful.

Previously, the aircraft operated flights only on a smallheight, but now he rose much higher and stayed in the air for 10 minutes. Test pilot Eskil Amdahl flew an aircraft powered solely on electrical energy — the vehicle’s handling, static and dynamic stability were tested. The company assured that the aircraft was working as expected - developers have diagnostic data to fix minor problems.

The plane took off thanks to an electric97 kW ENGIRO M97 engine - in this case, the battery has enough energy for a 35-minute flight. The developers claim that later versions will be able to stay in the air for more than 105 minutes, and after the introduction of the Energio generator, the duration of the flights may reach six hours.

In the cockpit fit 2 people and a largeamount of luggage. The form of the structure is the most streamlined, which significantly reduces the resistance when swimming on the surface of the water. The aircraft weighs 750 kilograms, and at the same time it can carry a payload weighing 250 kilograms. The maximum speed of flight and navigation with the lowest fuel consumption is 241 kilometers per hour, and the maximum range of flight is 1565 kilometers.

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According to Equator Aircraft CEO Thomas Bredreskifta, they are eagerly awaiting the day when they can test the amphibian on the water, since it has not yet been tested in such conditions.

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