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# video | Tesla car learned to talk with pedestrians

Electric cars have a lot of advantages.before transport with internal combustion engines. Firstly, they do not pollute the air with exhaust gases, and secondly they do not make any noise. However, recently, authorities in many countries have begun requiring electric car manufacturers to install external speakers to reproduce engine noise. The fact is that pedestrians may not notice a quietly approaching car and run out onto the road, because of which an accident may well occur. But why not make cars communicate with people in addition to engine sounds? Apparently, this thought had already occurred to Tesla engineers, because recently Elon Musk confirmed that branded cars could really talk with pedestrians.

Car Tesla Model 3

The founder of Tesla announced this in histwitter. Moreover, he also published a video in which a Tesla Model 3 car drives up to passers-by and says “Well, what are you staring at? Jump up! ” Sound is made from external speakers, which, in addition to engine sounds, are used to deter thieves as part of the “sentry mode” to protect cars from theft.

You can even play games in Tesla cars

All this is somewhat reminiscent of how in the 2000smobile operators offered us all to replace the beeps with a melody. Will Tesla cars also allow people to stand out from the crowd? Perhaps, but can you imagine what other innovations the company will come up with after another ten years? Let's fantasize about this in the comments or in our Telegram chat.