Video surveillance by NEC recognizes people by their individual characteristics (6 photos)

Modern technologies allow more and more accurateand effectively recognize people using automatic video surveillance systems. Hide your appearance and remain incognito with simple tricks with caps, hoods, hygienic masks or sunglasses becomes almost impossible. The use of artificial intelligence in tracking systems from the company NEC allows you to accurately identify the person, even if only part of the object's body is in the camera.

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The basis of the developed technology is the analysis.characteristic movements of a person, the speed of reaction to foreign objects. At the same time collecting visual information goes into the background. You can arbitrarily skillfully make up, wear a wig or a mask, but the habit of giving way to a woman, constantly looking around, or some physical features, such as a bad posture, remain with the person forever. If the AI ​​has basic data about a particular person, the system will be able to easily calculate the necessary personality in a crowd.

The NEC company stated that the main purposeA new technology is the detection of a specific person in various conditions. So at the production facility, where all workers are dressed in the same uniform, you can easily identify each individual worker. The accuracy of the identification of the presented system reaches 90%.

The company NEC in the identification system applies previouslydeveloped technologies of identification of the person at various lighting or incomplete image of the object. At the same time, the developers claim that the new technology can be used not only by law enforcement agencies and special services, but also has a wide potential for implementation in various industries of production and management.