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# video | SpaceX exploded its rocket during tests

In 2019, the company founded by Ilon MaskSpaceX has done a great job. At a minimum, she managed to successfully raise the Starhopper spaceship to 150-meter altitude and launch more than 60 Starlink Internet satellites into the orbit of our planet. But every year the company's tasks become more complicated and this year it intends to carry out a manned flight to the International Space Station. This is an extremely risky mission, because if an accident occurs during the flight, astronauts inside the Crew Dragon ship can simply die. To avoid this, the engineers developed an emergency rescue system, during the testing of which the Falcon 9 booster rocket was blown up. It’s not worth scolding the company for another failure - the explosion was planned in advance.

Crew Dragon Spaceship Separates From Falcon 9 Booster

About Rescue System Test ResultsThe Crew Dragon spacecraft was tweeted on SpaceX. The development of this system was extremely necessary for the company, since without the technology of landing and rescuing astronauts in the event of an accident, the NASA space agency would simply not have allowed it to fly to the ISS. Initially, the test of the emergency rescue system was scheduled for January 18, but it was postponed the next day due to bad weather. Thus, the launch of the Falcon 9 launch vehicle with the Crew Dragon ship took place at 18:30 Moscow time from Cape Canaveral.

Photo from the test engine SuperDraco in 2015

How good is the emergency rescue systemcoped with its task, it is not clear. To find out, the company at least needs to check the condition of the mannequins that were inside the capsule. If all is well with them, the next flight of the Crew Dragon ship may take place in March 2020. As part of this space mission, SpaceX will try to send real people to the International Space Station.

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US authorities impose on SpaceX largehopes, because if she can independently deliver astronauts to the ISS, help from Russia will no longer be needed. The fact is that earlier Russian Soyuz launch vehicles were used to deliver astronauts to the station and this cost the United States a lot of money.