# video | Quadcopters can be used to build shelters in disaster areas.

Unmanned aerial vehicles for a long timefound use in the areas of video and entertainment, but they can be useful when performing more serious tasks. Previously, they were already used in search and rescue operations, but they are not limited to a single intelligence function - the Spanish company MuDD Architects has proven that quadcopters can even create temporary shelters in disaster areas. The technology was demonstrated in Milan, as part of a design exhibition.

Currently quadrocopter unablebuild a structure from scratch, so it serves as an assistant to these builders. At the very beginning, people need to independently assemble the frame of the future structure - for this, they fasten bamboo stalks to each other. The quadcopter is only involved in the next step, helping builders to pull a huge fabric cover over the structure.

Quadcopter for building shelters

To give the structure strength, stretchedand a fixed canvas quadrocopter sprays a mixture of clay, sand and rice husk. Then the drone begins to play the role of a drying machine, and cleans the surface of moisture using air supplied through a long hose. The researchers hope that through such measures, the shelter will withstand both strong wind and earthquakes.

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At the moment, the quadcopter is controlledreal man through the remote control. MuDD Architects is already considering the idea of ​​introducing sensors and software to automate the entire construction process. In the future, building shelters with quadcopters will help reduce costs and time spent in rescuing victims of earthquakes and other disasters.

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Quadcopters are also used inagricultural sector, helping to monitor the condition of the farms. In particular, we are talking about protecting plants from diseases, and increasing yields through more thorough care. More information about this can be found in our material.

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