# video | Preparing for the first race on jetpack

British company Gravity Industries,founded by inventor Richard Browning in 2017 and engaged in the development of jetpacks, signed an agreement with the best team of drone raiders XBlades Entertainment (which, by the way, is also from the UK), the official Gravity Industries page on the social network Facebook reports. The purpose of the agreement is to improve the jetpack technology and create a full-fledged racing league this year. According to the owners of Gravity Industries, this area has a huge entertainment potential, no less than Formula 1, and is able to attract millions of dollars in investment.

It should be recalled that about two years ago heRichard Browning, the head of Gravity Industries and part-time pilot tester, got into the Guinness Book of Records, flying through his own flying suit of his own design and speeding to 51 kilometers per hour. The flight took place thanks to a kerosene pulse engine fitted in a suit with six turbines, with a total load of 130 kg. Browning was even called the "Iron Man", comparing the flight capabilities of his jetpack with the possibility of a Tony Stark suit.

According to the developer, jetpack allows the pilot to rise to a height of 3,658 meters.

At the moment, Gravity Industries is sharpening the skills of its pilots and is preparing to establish a real racing league, in which both men and women can take part.

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Most recently, the company published on its YouTube channel a video demonstrating the process of preparing and training jetpack pilots.

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Shooting a video conducted by Luke Bannister (LukeBannister), better known by the pseudonym BanniUK. In 2016, at the age of 15, he won the World Drone Prix, the first ever World Drone Racing Championship in Dubai, taking a prize of $ 250,000. The boy grew up and his interest, apparently, turned in the direction of more "adult toys."

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