# video | Police robot checks motorists documents

Police stop every daythousands of traffic offenders. Each time can cause a conflict, during which both the guardians of order and violators can get injured. Ruben Brewer of SRI International Research Institute believes that the robot he created can solve this problem. Instead of approaching stopped cars, the police will be able to send them a robot with a video camera and a driver's license scanner.

The sliding design with the robot is attached toside of a police car. It is assumed that when an intruder stops, it will be extended up to the intruder’s window. Thanks to the built-in camera and display, two people can talk at a safe distance from each other. With the help of a special scanner, the police officer will be able to examine the documents of the offender, and the printer will allow writing out fines.

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Violators are unlikely to want to leave the place.stop, because a robotic policeman will push a spiked strip under the car. If the driver decides to take a risk, then with one punctured tire he is unlikely to be able to go far. Of course, violent traffic offenders may try to break the robot, but it will not end with anything good either.

It is noteworthy that this is not the firstrobot cop in the world. Back in 2017, the Dubai police took into their ranks the robotic assistant RoboCop, who, although not looking as serious as a robot police officer from the film of the same name, still performs a number of useful functions. About its capabilities can be read in our material.

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