# video | Pigs can dig holes with tools

No matter how we entertained ourselves with thoughts thatman is much smarter than animals, there are still a lot of similarities between us. For example, some animals like us are capable of sacrificing themselves for the sake of saving their relatives. Moreover, many monkeys know how to use tools for hunting and eating food - they really are very similar to us! A couple of years ago, French scientists noticed that one of the rare species of pigs also has a developed intellect and uses the bark of trees as a shovel for digging the earth. These recesses are subsequently used to breed offspring.

Pigs have enough intelligence to learn how to use tools

Pigs that are able to use gunslabor refer to the species of warty (Sus cebifrons). At the moment, they are on the verge of complete extinction, so a family of male, female and two daughters lives in the zoo of the Botanical Garden in Paris. In 2015, researchers led by environmentalist Meredith Ruth-Bernstein noticed that a pregnant female started digging the ground to build a nest with a snout, and then took a small piece of bark into her mouth and continued digging the ground with her.

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How pigs are smart animals?

Researchers continued to monitor pigs and inthe following years and threw them pieces of bark and sticks. From time to time, all four pigs actually armed themselves with them and started digging the ground. However, scientists noticed that with the help of a snout, pigs build nests much faster than with tools. Scientists cannot yet answer why animals use uncomfortable methods of digging, but they have one assumption.

It looks like a little pig of the species Sus cebifrons

Since warty pigs are endangeredlook and mostly live under the protection of people, scientists practically had no opportunity to observe their behavior in nature. It is possible that individuals living at liberty do not know how to use tools, and pigs observed in zoos have learned an unusual skill from an individual from other zoos. Be that as it may, the fact that pigs are able to learn how to use tools is a scientifically proven fact.

Did you know that pigs the size of a polar bear are raised in China?

Which animals use tools?

The fact that animals are able to usetools, there is nothing surprising. For example, people have long known that elephants can clutch sticks with their trunk and scratch their back. They can also take a branch with leaves and fan it with it to scare away flies and other insects. Anyway, every person must have seen a video on the Internet where elephants paint with paints and brushes. Do you still have doubts about the mental abilities of animals?

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Developed mental abilities even possessinsects. It will be difficult for someone to believe this, but even tiny ants use tools. For example, leaf-cutting ants in the southern United States cut leaves and use them as containers for transporting food and water. Also, this species of ants is interesting in the volume of colonies - they can have millions of ants, the total mass of which is sometimes equal to the weight of an adult cow. And cows, by the way, can weigh more than 600 kilograms.

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Apparently, animals are still able to surprise us.his intellect. If you are interested in this topic, I recommend reading our material on the most powerful animals in the world. Do you know which bird has the most developed muscles? I didn’t know.