# video | One of the most tragic accidents involving the car Tesla

Despite the fact that Tesla cars are equippedsafety systems to prevent accidents, they sometimes happen anyway. The other day in Florida, one of the most terrible incidents involving the Tesla Model S car occurred - the driver hit a tree at high speed, which caused a strong fire. The man was trapped and burned alive, as the car locked the doors, and the emergency opening system did not work. Tesla has already commented on the situation and expressed its condolences.

According to eyewitnesses, the car hit wasterrifying power - he moved at a speed of about 120 km / h. A car caught fire and the door was jammed, so the driver found himself in a fire trap. Eyewitnesses and police were able to break the window, but the man could not be pulled out because of the airbags - they did not let the air out even after the collision.

We couldn't even see what was going on insideas the pillows flooded the entire cabin. We only had a couple of minutes. Several people tried to get to the driver before the fire started, but the car doors did not allow it.

Misty Lee Thomas, an eyewitness

What caused the failure of the door is still unknown. The Tesla guide says that in the event of a collision, the doors of the car should open automatically to ensure quick rescue. If this does not happen, rescuers should break the window, but in this case the driver was not saved even by this method due to an airbag error.

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We are deeply saddened by this accident and condolencesthose who suffered from this tragedy. We turned to local authorities to offer our cooperation. We understand that the main factor in the occurrence of this accident was an increased speed, and we know that such collisions can cause a fire in any type of car, not only in electric vehicles.

Tesla representatives

At the moment there is no evidence thatthat electric cars catch fire much faster than cars with internal combustion engines. Therefore, after even such a terrible accident, it’s just silly to talk about the increased dangerous Tesla cars. The company has already proved the safety of their cars - the myth of their danger appeared only because of the frequent mention of the company in the media.

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