# video of the day | New Chernobyl sarcophagus took its place over the destroyed reactor

Thirty years ago, on April 26, 1986, nearUkrainian city Pripyat occurred the largest nuclear disaster in the history of mankind. One of the nuclear reactors of the Chernobyl nuclear power plant exploded and caught fire, leading to the release into the environment of a huge amount of radioactive substances. The consequences of the accident were eliminated as soon as possible at the cost of the lives of dozens of people, and an even greater number of liquidators died within the next 15 years.

In the 86th, around the fourth power unit was erectedsarcophagus, but over the past decades it has suffered greatly from external factors, which in 2004 led to the decision of the Ukrainian government to create a new protective structure that would isolate the destroyed reactor from the environment. The project was named "Shelter-2", but the people got accustomed to another name - "Arch" because of its unusual shape.

The construction of the arch began in 2007, and the deliveryThe project was scheduled for 2012–2013, but due to lack of funding, the deadlines were constantly shifting. When implementing the project, engineers from different countries had to solve several very important technical problems. For example, it was necessary to dismantle the ventilation pipe with a height of 150 meters and a weight of about 350 tons, providing air pulling into the buildings of the 3rd and 4th power units. Only this process from the organizers took more than 11 million dollars.

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The width of the arch is 257 meters, its heightequal to 110 meters, and length - 165 meters. The weight of the structure exceeds 36,000 tons, and the operation time of the Shelter-2 will be from 70 to 100 years. Over 3,000 people worked on the implementation of this unique project at various times, and its total cost amounted to 2.15 billion dollars. Today it is the largest mobile ground structure erected by man.