# video of the day | Boston Dynamics's SpotMini robot has learned new tricks

Watch how they evolve rapidlyRobots manufactured by Boston Dynamics are a very exciting activity. During each new demonstration, engineers surprise us with more and more sophisticated tricks with which they teach their mechanical creations. At this time, we suggest you look at the SpotMini robot, which not only learned to open locked doors, but also acquired an additional limb and is now able to work together with other robots.

Last November, Boston Dynamics for the first timedemonstrated to the world her new robot SpotMini. We even published this short video on our website. Since then, we have heard almost nothing about this dog-like creature. Up to this day. An updated version of the robot has acquired an additional manipulator, with which it is able to open doors, pick up and lift objects, help itself overcome various obstacles on the way and do many other things that were previously inaccessible to him.

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As you can see, the video is called "Heymate, could you help me? " As many as two robots appear simultaneously in the frame, one of which is equipped with a manipulator. It is he who opens the door and holds it until the second robot passes through the doorway. The robot manipulator was created by the Japanese company SoftBank, which since June 2017 belongs to Boston Dynamics.

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