# video of the day | Boston Dynamics teaches the Atlas robot the basics of parkour

Most recently, we published a short video inwhich the American company Boston Dynamics has presented to us the new generation of the robot dog The New SpotMini. But world-famous robotics are not idle and continue to delight us with their achievements. Take at least their anthropomorphic Atlas robot. We have repeatedly told you about him and even showed curious videos with his participation. But this time, its creators decided to surprise us with completely new tricks: they taught him the basics of parkour.

Atlas was originally designed with the expectation thatthat the robot will be able to move over rough terrain, walk on two legs and actively use free hands to carry the load or to climb on any obstacles. But in order to jump on these very obstacles and even do the opposite flips, just like a real sportsman, we didn’t expect such a clumsy seemingly robot. Take a look at this video yourself, and immediately understand what we had in mind.

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Impressive, isn't it? Just be sure to watch the video to the very end. After all, there is a rather funny unsuccessful take, when Atlas was unable to stand on his feet after landing on the ground. The developers of the robot stated that it was extremely difficult task to teach the robot to keep balance after the jumps, over which they fought for a long time.