# video of the day | Atlas and SpotMini robots for a walk

Every time the company Boston Dynamicspublishes the next video, we note how natural the behavior of their robots becomes. And now a couple of new videos have appeared on YouTube, showing the latest progress in the development of Atlas and SpotMini robots.

Currently, Boston Dynamicsengaged in increasing the level of autonomy and ability to navigate their robots. In the presented videos, in fact, there is nothing new - we have already seen both robots many times already. For example, on the video below, the SpotMini robot walks through the company's office and shows how it can climb and descend the stairs without any problems. In Boston Dynamics they say that initially the robot was controlled by the operator in order to create a three-dimensional map of the area of ​​movement. However, in the video below, the robot moves independently, with information about the environment and obstacles on the way already entered into its database.

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In another video show run for a manhumanoid robot Atlas with a laser blaster. Joke. In fact, the robot was taken to jog on a green lawn, and also gave the command to jump over the log. Without any support, to demonstrate its autonomy.

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