# video | New pilot helmet allows you to see through the plane

Military fighter pilots during flightfeel strong pressure, and at the same time must always maintain attentiveness. To make them more comfortable to operate the aircraft, without losing sight of the enemies, military engineers are developing high-tech helmets. The best of them at the moment is the Striker II HMD - in addition to being light and not straining the pilot's neck, the electronics built into it allows him to see enemies through the body of the aircraft. The way the pilots see the world through this helmet is shown in the video from the British company BAE Systems.

The new helmet is based on the Striker HMD helmet, whichFor several years now it has been used by fighter pilots under the names Eurofighter Typhoon and Saab JAS 39 Gripen. Thanks to the built-in helmet display, pilots can see in front of them information about the tilt of the fighter, and know where the enemy plane is at the moment.

The best helmet for pilots

The Striker II HMD helmet is equipped with a nightvisions similar to those used in rifle sights and any other military equipment. Thanks to her, the pilot can fight even in the dark - he will see everything in green, but he will always be aware of what the enemy is doing. The technology works due to the fact that each object always reflects light that is invisible to the human eye - special devices repeatedly increase it, making the objects visible.

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The most intriguing helmet opportunity fromBritish developers, of course, is a vision through the body of the aircraft. Technology, in fact, is not as amazing as it may seem. The fact is that on the body of modern aircraft there are several cameras that shoot everything that happens around. The effect of “transparent aircraft” is created by broadcasting video from these cameras to the screen in front of the pilot’s eyes.

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Apparently, the technology is very similar tovirtual reality. A variety of sensors are installed in the helmet, which monitor the position of the pilot's head. Thus, he can look down, or look around - so he will see what is happening around him.

Striker II HMD Aviation Helmet

Also, the helmet is equipped with a surround sound system andnoise reduction system. Thanks to them, the pilot can clearly hear commands from the ground and messages from other pilots. At the same time, he can hear ambient sounds signaling danger - if an explosion occurred behind the plane, he will clearly hear it and will know about where it happened.

The most comfortable helmet

The inside of each helmet will be made separately to fit the head of each pilot. So they will be less tired, and therefore lead the battle much longer and with greater attentiveness.

However, in the near future, such helmets may becomeuseless. The fact is that the company Boeing has already begun the development of a fighter that will fight independently without the help of a pilot. Its first flight will be carried out already in 2020.

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