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# video | Killer whales opened the hunt for white sharks

White sharks are believed to be the mostdangerous inhabitants of the seas and oceans. This is not surprising, because these underwater predators weigh more than 1,100 kilograms, are able to accelerate to 56 kilometers per hour and have about 300 located in several rows of teeth. But did you know that even these bloodthirsty monsters have enemies who can tear them to shreds? Recently, marine biologists have found that the main enemies of white sharks are predatory whales - killer whales. Conservationist Elton Polly was able to capture video of killer whales hunting for white sharks in a video.

Killer whales weigh up to 5,400 kilograms

The video was published by a defenderOceans Research on Facebook. In it you can see the water-cutting shark fin and killer whales chasing after it. According to representatives of the organization, several more white sharks were spotted nearby, but the hunt for them did not go. Given the place where the event unfolded, the meeting of killer whales and sharks was not random.

Cape Fur Seals - Good Prey for White Sharks

Especially killer whales love the liver of white sharks - aboutthis is evidenced by bodies washed ashore, devoid of this particular organ. Scientists believe that the love of predatory whales for shark liver is due to the nutritional value of this organ. In a 2013 study, it was found that the weight of the liver of a white shark is on average 456 kilograms and contains about 400 liters of oil. Thanks to such a saturated liver, sharks can withstand migration over very long distances.

The main enemies of white sharks

Conservationists intend to trackthe interaction of killer whales and white sharks and see what happens next. As a rule, at the sight of predatory whales, sharks try to swim away from their territory rather and may not return there for years. But, as observations have shown, sharks are able to travel long distances in order to meet each other in the same place. But scientists have not yet been able to explain the reason for the traditional meetings.

The length of killer whales reaches 8 meters

No matter how dangerous sharks are, even theyfall into very unpleasant situations and become victims of even small fish. For example, during a recent search for the SS Bloody Marsh sinking ship in 1943, researchers noticed how a small shark was swallowed by a stone perch. The moment was shot on video - you can watch it in our special material.

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If you are interested in learning more about killer whale life,I recommend watching the 2003 BBC: Killer Whale documentary. These are truly amazing creatures - with all their strength and ferocity, they have never attacked a person. Yes, in history there are many cases of killer whale attacks on ships, because of which people died, these animals did not directly attack us.