# video | Japan successfully launched its first private rocket

Japan can now be attributed to the number of countriessuccessfully launching private space rockets. Interstellar Technologies, which failed for two years in a row, finally launched the successful launch of its Momo-3 suborbital rocket. Launching from a site on the island of Hokkaido, it rose to a height of 110 kilometers, crossed the Karman line and fell into the Pacific Ocean. Despite a flight lasting only 8 minutes and 35 seconds, this is a significant event for Japan - Momo-3 is its first rocket developed by a private company.

The height of the Japanese rocket reaches 9.9 meters, anddiameter is 50 centimeters. With its monotonous mass, it is able to lift a cargo weighing 20 kilograms to a height of more than 120 kilometers. The payload is placed in a small compartment in the nose of the rocket, which, after the end of acceleration is in weightlessness, and then descends by parachute.

For the first time tried to launch a rocket in 2017, butafter 70 seconds of flight, the connection with her was interrupted and the mission was called unsuccessful. The second launch took place in the summer of 2018, but it also failed - a second after take-off, a fire occurred in the engine and the rocket fell on the launch complex.

Fortunately, the third attempt went well -the engine worked for the appointed two minutes, and the rocket successfully crossed the border between the Earth’s atmosphere and space. Thousands of people watched the launch - the video can be viewed below.

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Momo-3 missile manufacturer is a companyInterstellar Technologies - it was founded in 2013 by an entrepreneur named Takafumi Hori. Previously, he was president of the Internet company Livedoor Co, and was even accused of accounting fraud.

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