# video | In the US, will start racing on flying cars

Just imagine this picture: ten flying cars with eight spinning blades race at the height of 7-storey buildings and try to outrun each other. It looks like an excerpt from a science fiction film, but you can visit such an exciting competition in 2020. It will be held as part of the Airspeeder racing series, and will become a high-tech counterpart of Formula 1, and it’s extremely dangerous - it’s scary to even imagine what an accident looks like at a 20-meter height.

Flying cars will be racingproduced by the young Australian company Alauda. She has already created several prototypes of high-speed flying vehicles and has been testing them in the Australian outback for eight months, sharing videos on YouTube along the way. Recently, the company demonstrated the machines at the Goodwood Festival of Speed ​​and announced that the race will start in 2020.

Flying racing cars

Externally flying cars look like classic ones.Formula 1 race cars of the mid-20th century. Their thickness is 4 meters, and the length and width, respectively, are approximately equal to 3.5 meters. The weight of the structure with a huge battery, which is similar to that used in electric cars, is 230 kilograms. To ensure the speed of more than 200 kilometers per hour, cars have a streamlined body - it reduces air resistance, and the device flies as fast as possible.

Before the official start of the competition, in November2018, the company intends to test vehicles in the Mojave Desert. The company hopes that the racing series will increase the popularity of flying cars to a new level. However, representatives have not yet explained how they can ensure the safety of pilots and spectators - after all, an air crash at 200 km speed can be catastrophic.

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Jetpack Racing

Against the backdrop of flying cars racing competitionson jetpacks Aviation packs look much safer. Their launch is scheduled for 2019, and they will pass over the water - thus, the organizers intend to mitigate possible injuries to pilots.

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