# video | Impressive flight of the new version of the flying taxi Vahana

Engineers of large companies think not only aboutmodern technology, but also look far ahead. In 2016, Airbus began developing an aircraft as part of the Vahana project, and already in 2018, it tested its first model, the Alpha One. Testing of the prototypes has been going on for several years now, and at the fiftieth test, the device finally demonstrated its ability to fly long distances. It is possible that in the future the helicopters will hopelessly become obsolete, and they will be replaced by vehicles with just such a design.

Test of the prototype with the name Alpha Twoheld at the Oregon test site for five hours. Each of the numerous flights lasted at least 7 minutes - the device managed to gain an impressive speed of 97 km / h. During the flights, he collected data from sensors that will be used to correct problems in the following Vahana samples.

On the published video you can see howthe device easily soars to a height of about 64 meters. After a vertical take-off, he leans forward and during the movement changes the inclination of his wings by 30 degrees - thanks to this he reaches a speed of 57 km / h. Gaining speed, the device is able to perform all the basic maneuvers.

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The video clearly shows how safe,aircraft can become flexible and versatile in the next ten years. It is expected that the Airbus Vahana and similar devices will be the best transport to overcome the average distances.

Its analogues are already under development. For example, the British firm Samad Aerospace intends to create a Starling Jet business jet with a capacity of up to 10 people and the ability to travel 2,400 kilometers.

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