# video | How will the Space Rider space truck take off and land?

Virtually all space equipment costsmillions of dollars, and at the same time is a one-time - that is why the company Blue Origin and SpaceX seriously took up the creation of reusable rockets, and made them a reality. The efforts of the European Space Agency ESA, which outlined a reusable capsule that can deliver different types of cargo into Earth orbit, can safely return to Earth and be reused, are directed in the same direction.

Reusable capsule called SpaceRider, and in its essence is a new version of the device Intermediate eXperimental Vehicle, which demonstrated its reusability in 2015. The updated device follows the same concept, but, unlike the previous version, it received a multi-purpose cargo hold, landing gear for landing on runways and an upgraded design that can withstand at least five flights.

Intermediate eXperimental Vehicle after being in Earth orbit

ESA has created a reusable cargo spacecraft

To start the capsule it is planned to useVega-C rocket - it will be mounted on the top AVUM + stage, which will receive a 600 watt power supply. In the cargo compartment there is space for 800 kilograms of scientific equipment, and 1200 liters of volume for the transport of liquids. Basically, the capsule will play the role of a scientific laboratory, opening the cargo compartment and directing the equipment in the direction where the research objective is located.

Research missions can last up to twomonths - after this period expires, the capsule will be able to return to Earth. Of course, before returning, he will adjust the angle of entry into the atmosphere, and after entering, he will deploy the parachute and lower the landing gear for a soft landing on the runway. After returning, the old equipment can be replaced by a new one, and the same capsule can be launched into Earth orbit.

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The device has already passed a preliminary assessment, andthorough testing of systems will be held at the end of 2019. The space agency ESA hopes to find and fix all possible problems as soon as possible, and to carry out the first launch of Space Rider in 2022.

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