# video | How does a tiny embryo turn into a beautiful living organism?

The animal world is beautiful and diverse, and whatdeeper a man looks at the processes taking place in him - the more stunning views of the imagination open to him. Thanks to new technologies, not only scientists, but also ordinary people can look at these beauties. This opportunity, for example, was recently provided by Dutch director Jan van Aiken, who shot a short film about turning a tiny cage into a living salamander.

The film is called "Formation" and lastsonly about six minutes. During this time, the director shows the whole process of development of the salamander from the moment of fertilization and to the state when she finds the strength to escape from the camera’s field of view. To see all the beauty of the development of a living organism in real time would be impossible, since this process lasts about three weeks. The author simply squeezed this time to six minutes.

On the video you can contemplate all the processesoccurring with living organisms in the embryonic period. After the formation of the embryo, the process of its fragmentation begins, in which its volume does not change, but it is divided into smaller cells. The next stage of development is gastrulation, during which the moving cells form germ layers. Of these, during organogenesis, the tissues of the body are formed: nerves, skin, mucous membranes and muscles.

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Recall that with the help of embryos, scientistsable to save rare animals from extinction. For example, at the end of 2018, an international group of scientists decided to revive a population of endangered northern white rhinos. They created hybrid embryos and raised them to a stage where they can be transplanted into the body of living females. Read more about the project can be read in our material.

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