# video | How do Tesla cars help catch criminals?

In recent years, car thieves have begun the realhunting for electric cars Tesla - leaving the car unattended, owners can stay without it in minutes. In order to somehow scare off criminals, recently Ilon Musk equipped his cars with the so-called “watch-making regime”, which constantly shoots everything that is happening nearby with a camera. The technology turned out to be very useful, because thanks to the captured video, the police managed to catch many criminals and bring them to justice.

In most cases, lawbreakershiding from the scene of the accident, or deliberately scratching other people's cars. Most often, the reason for such disrespect for other people's property remains undisclosed, but perhaps personal offenders of the criminals against the victims are involved in this. Whatever the reason for vandalism, you have to answer for the acts committed. In the state of California, for damage to someone else's property with damage of more than $ 400, a fine of $ 10,000 is issued, or one year is given.

How to enable Tesla Sentry Mode?

“Clock Mode” in Tesla cars turns onthrough the control panel, in the security settings. Before its activation, two conditions must be met: firstly, the battery charge level must be at least 20%, and secondly, a memory card with a folder called “TeslaCam” must be inserted into the car. If everything is done, after clicking on the slider, the camera icon appears on the car screen.

Activated Tesla Sentry Mode

Some Tesla owners fear openingcar door, car thieves can steal a memory card, and the video with them will be impossible to find. Tesla provided such a course of events and made it so that the footage was temporarily sent to the Internet. So, in the event of a USB card theft, the video can still be viewed and transferred to the police.

How do Tesla cars help the police?

Recently in the California city of Los GatosThe owner of the Tesla Model X got into trouble. He was driving on Blossom Hill Road, and suddenly noticed that a black pickup truck was approaching at high speed. Passing by, the light truck strongly scratched the side of the electric vehicle, and immediately fled the scene. Fortunately, everything that happened was filmed on the Tesla car's onboard camera, and the owner handed over the police record. The offender managed to arrest.

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The work of the protective mode Tesla deservedlyappreciated and a man named Raphael Santoni. One day, he returned to his car and noticed that deep scratches had appeared on his body. After examining the recordings made in the “sentry mode”, he saw that they had been left by an unknown woman who had parked nearby. She tried to quietly scratch the car with the keys, but the cameras captured her face (it is hidden in the video), and she, too, was caught. The damage amounted to about $ 900 - for such, as mentioned above, a fine of $ 10,000 or imprisonment is due.

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A similar act of vandalism was also committed by twoadult men - they came to someone else's car, and scratched her badly. In this case, their faces were visible even clearer than the previous one. It is not known whether the police succeeded in catching the criminals.

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How to hack a Tesla car?

As a rule, with Tesla cars hijackersinteract very carefully, and do not resort to physical hacking. In the video below you can see how two men use a smartphone and a tablet as a key fob to transfer the car’s door opening command. Computer security experts believe that in the same way they can crack other electric cars.

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