# Video | Giant spiders have been the cause of mortality in many animals.

Huge tarantulas seem very scaryphotos, but in the video they were even worse. For the first time in history, the National Geographic edition managed to photograph how a huge spider attacks a possum and drags it into a secluded place for further eating. A whole study was carried out that proved that arthropods are one of the main causes of extinction of vertebrates. In addition to possums, spiders destroy snakes, lizards and even frogs.

The first ever video with a tarantula that eatspossum, was filmed on November 18, 2016, but published just now. It is part of a large study in which scientists were able to photograph 15 encounters of arthropod predators and vertebrates in the Amazon rainforest. In the catalog of researchers were also photos of tarantulas that eat reptiles and reptiles.

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"When we first encountered a pair, possumwas still active and weakly kicked. We watched it for five minutes, after which the possum stopped moving and the spider dragged it to the roots of the trees. ”

The authors of the study, led by biologist Rudolf von May

Researchers claim that the tarantula was the sizewith a large plate - its length reached about 30 centimeters. As a rule, these spiders hunt at night and paralyze the victims with the help of poison. Scientists have concluded that spiders are an underestimated cause of high mortality of vertebrates in tropical forests.

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