Video from the Ministry of Defense: Altius-U heavy drone in flight (video)

Ministry of Defense continues to acquainthe public with tests of arming unmanned aerial vehicles. This time a video of the first flight of the six-ton ​​drone Altius-U was published.

Its launch and controlled flight took place at one of the test sites for 32 minutes at an altitude of up to 800 meters, the cameras also recorded drone maneuvers at altitude and landing.

According to the Ministry of Defense, all systems of the complex worked properly.
Altius-U is able to stay in the air for more than a day. It is equipped with optical, radio engineering and radar means and is programmed to perform the entire spectrum of reconnaissance missions.

The radius of use of the UAV is almost unlimited, since it can be controlled via a satellite channel.

The Altius UAV was first introduced as an experimental model at the Army 2015 forum.