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# video | Elon Musk arrived at a restaurant on a Tesla Cybertruck pickup truck

At the end of November 2019, Tesla showedThe world has its long-awaited electric pickup, which was called Cybertruck. The appearance of the novelty greatly surprised society and this is to say the least - the angular, rude and overly futuristic design immediately became the cause of ridicule and misunderstanding on the part of society. Internet users, including us, could not imagine how such an unusual car would drive on public roads, because among other means of transportation it looks extremely ugly. However, now we have the opportunity to look at it, because recently, Elon Musk and his friends drove along the roads of Los Angeles and stayed in a rich restaurant.

Tesla Pickup Truck on Los Angeles Roads

Tesla pickup truck photos shared editionThirty Mile Zone. You can notice on them that Elon Musk came to the restaurant with his lover, singer Grimes. Also inside the Cybertuck car was Franz von Holzhausen, who is responsible for the design of Tesla cars. By the way, this is exactly the person who accidentally broke the pickup window at the presentation, trying to prove the strength of the glass they use.

Look at Tesla Cybertruck even came out actor Edward Norton

Tesla redesigned the Cybertruck pickup truck

At the moment, it is known that productiona new car will only begin in late 2021. This means that the company still has time to work on its appearance and remove the details that users currently do not like. For example, after the presentation, many journalists noted that some elements of the new items do not meet the requirements of American regulators. These could include the headlights shining in one strip and the company, apparently, really admitted their mistake. The prototype, on which Ilon Musk swept, has more familiar separate headlights.

Tesla pickup photo taken by eyewitnesses

At the moment, anyone can alreadyapply for pre-order Tesla Cybertruck. Despite the fact that many people doubted that such an unusual car would be interesting for buying a wide audience, quite a lot of applications have already been sent. Three days after the presentation, Ilon Mask shared that more than 200,000 people have already pre-ordered and today this number can be several times more.