# video | Cheetah has learned to stand up and do back flips

MIT engineersInstitute reported on their new achievements in robotics. Their four-legged robot Cheetah, created in the image and likeness of a real cheetah, learned to get up on its own and ... do back flips! From the outside, this looks simply unbelievable, considering that it was difficult to imagine such a few years ago. Earlier, the same robot broke the speed record set by the Jamaican runner Usain Bolt, speeding up to 45.5 kilometers per hour.

The robot learned autonomously to do back flips, andalso get up without the help of a person (though only on the back). To achieve this, scientists had to equip it with a LIDAR laser system, with which Cheetah analyzes the environment and makes a decision. The real-time robot calculates how much effort you need to apply to your limbs in order to do a flip, and then land back to the surface.

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The four-legged robot is very much like a dog, andBoston Dynamics showed it in great detail, including the development process. Obviously, technologies are improving every year and robots become sleeker, more mobile, believable, if you like. The movements of the robot are so smooth, and its joints have so many degrees of freedom that you just wonder. True, it gets a little scary, despite the fact that Cheetah looks very cute.

Boston Dynimics is famous forcreates amazing robots, similar to animals and people. At one time, she developed the BigDog robot for the DARPA military agency, then there was a cheetah robot CHEETAH and even a six-legged robot RiSE, able to climb vertical surfaces. The two-legged PETMAN, which was used to test personal protective equipment, became the first anthropomorphic robot of the company.

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