# video | Car Tesla Model 3 passed the "moose test" better than other models

Modern cars are capable of gaining quitehigh speed, so their maneuverability is very important for the safety of the driver and passengers. To find out how accurately and quickly a car can go around sudden obstacles like animals running onto the road, the researchers carry out the so-called "moose test". It was him who recently passed the Tesla Model 3 car - the test was organized by the Spanish car magazine km77. The car was able to fit into sharp turns more accurately than the Tesla Model X SUV.

As a rule, the test is performed strictly in the dryweather on the paved landfill, furnished with road cones as in the figure below. Before the start of the race, the car is loaded to its nominal carrying capacity, and only after that passes a series of obstacles, abruptly moving left and right. With each race, the car’s speed increases until it loses control and knocks down the cones.

Car Tesla Model 3 successfully drove bycones until it reached a speed of 88 kilometers per hour - after overcoming this threshold, the driver stopped coping with the controls. According to the journalists from km77, the car was tested perfectly, because rarely anyone can maintain maneuverability even at 70 kilometers per hour.

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Two years ago, the same test passed the carTesla Model X. Like other SUVs, at high speeds, he began to have problems with the management. Before testing Tesla Model 3, journalists were already confident that it will pass the test better than an SUV.

Safety of the driver and passengers Tesla companypays quite a lot of attention. Her cars even have a special design that allows you to seamlessly saw the body into parts to rescue people after accidents. You can read more about this feature of Tesla cars in our material.

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