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# video | Can two different predators help each other in the hunt?

Unfortunately, at the moment 2020Don't pamper us with good news. Today, most people are focused on the 2019-nCoV coronavirus spreading on our planet, which has already killed hundreds of people. But sometimes it can be useful to distract from bad news and the recent scientific publication Science Alert has given us an excellent reason for this. It is logical to assume that different types of predators that prey on the same prey, are trying in every possible way to interfere with each other and are at enmity with each other. But did you know that some of them know how to act together and get big benefits from it? Coyote and badger caught in the frames from CCTV cameras are an excellent confirmation of this.

Coyotes are not averse to hunting with badgers at all

Initially, the video appeared on Twitter and immediatelyit became viral. He was shot on a hidden camera installed next to one of the California highways. With it, animal advocates monitor how wild animals cross the road. To prevent them from falling under cars, special tunnels are left under the highway through which animals can safely cross to the other side of the carriageway. Some of them, like a badger caught in the frames, do not see this path, but fortunately, some animals help them in this.

How do animals help each other?

The video clearly shows that the coyote firsttrying to get the badger's attention by jumping in place. He clearly wants to show him a safe way to overcome the road, but the little predator does not immediately understand him. In the end, the coyote manages to show his friend the entrance to the tunnel and together they rush to the other side of the road.

Coyotes and badgers often make friends

As a rule, two predators hunt together only inwarm season. In the colder months, coyotes only hunt alone, because their friends fall asleep. Usually their hibernation begins in October and ends in April. In some cases, when the winter is warm, hibernation lasts much less time.

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It is worth noting that many species of animals are capable ofto help each other. For example, some birds sit on the bodies of large mammals and clear them of parasitic insects. And some frogs can live in the nests of dangerous spiders, protecting them from pests and in return getting a safe place to hide from predators.