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# video | Boston Dynamics trained its parkour robot

Two years ago, Boston Dynamicsintroduced the new generation of its two-person humanoid robot Atlas. The updated version received the ability to walk on uneven surfaces, jump on one leg and even independently climb in the event of a fall. In addition, the robot learned to navigate in space, to identify various objects and interact with them. Recently, the car received another update and now its capabilities are even more impressive.

Specialists from Boston Dynamics trained Atlasa kind of parkour. Now the robot is able to not only run, but also jump over obstacles on the move and even run uphill to climb hills. The bot has acquired sufficient computing power in order to simultaneously use its arms, legs and body to balance its movements, as well as to perform wide and high (40 centimeters) steps. For orientation and further movement, the machine uses computer vision.

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If we speak from the point of view of prospects, thensuch robots can once be used in various emergency situations, for example, to save people from the rubble and move them to a safer place. At the same time, it seems that for the machine in the future will be able to find other areas of use. More than a year ago, the Japanese company Softbank bought Boston Dynamics from Alphabet and it seems that the latter has plans that go far beyond the release of the next hit video for YouTube, as it was with the previous owners.

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